Life Update: Studying Abroad For A Second Semester!

It’s official – I’m Aussie bound!

I will be living and studying in Sydney, Australia from February- June, 2019!

I always knew I wanted to study abroad in Europe during college. I grew up seeing relatives and friends spend a semester abroad traveling around Europe- drinking steins at Oktoberfest, eating crepes in Paris, riding the London Eye- having the time of their life.

I traveled to Italy in high school and had the opportunity to spend some time in Florence. I fell in love with the city and knew that it would be a great place to live and study for a semester abroad. During my freshman year at Fairfield, I was nominated by one of my professors to study abroad in Florence during the fall of 2017. I hadn’t planned on studying abroad so soon, but after much consideration, it seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime.

My semester abroad in Florence, Italy was everything I had hoped for and more. I was able to visit 15 countries in the four months, create my travel blog, network with professionals in the industry, develop life-long friendships, and experience personal growth in more ways than I could’ve ever imagined.

Upon returning home and declaring a second major in International Studies, I had the desire to go abroad again. Since I have been lucky enough to see much of Europe, I knew that I wanted something different. I chose Australia and got placed in Fairfield’s Sydney program!

I will be living in an apartment, studying business, and interning at a boutique marketing agency during my semester abroad in Sydney. I hope to see much of Australia, since I have never been, and try some new things – maybe I’ll even go skydiving!

I am so excited for this opportunity, and want to thank all my loved ones for supporting my decision! Stay tuned for updates on my adventures Down Under as I will be posting regularly!!


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